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Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Contouring and procedures to enhance a masculine appearance and help men look younger.

There is an increased demand among men for both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and treatments. Men had more than one million cosmetic procedures last year and according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery the number of procedures for men have increased 273% since 1997. Men seek a natural, un-operated upon look, with their masculinity preserved. The top surgical procedures for men include liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, male breast reduction (treatment of gynecomastia) and otoplasty (pinning back protruding ears). In our practice, we are also performing an increased number of facelifts and necklifts on men.

Noninvasive facial rejuvenation is very popular among men and includes the wrinkle softeners (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), commercial fillers, and fat grafting.

Noninvasive body contouring of the chest abdomen and "love handles" with CoolSculpting is very popular with our male patients.

Our MD Skin Care Suite incorporates skincare products and treatments tailored specifically for a man's skin and lifestyle.

Eyelid Surgery Face Lift


Gynecomastia refers to enlarged breasts in a male that may be accompanied by oversized nipple and areola complexes. The condition is a source of embarrassment and occasionally causes discomfort. In the vast majority of cases there is no known cause. Only rarely is gynecomastia secondary to a medical condition or medications. An evaluation to include a pertinent history, physical, and laboratory examination by a board certified plastic surgeon is the prudent first step. The treatment goal is to restore a normal male chest contour. Options include liposuction, excision of the excess breast tissue, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the approach, incisions are small and typically placed within a portion of the areola or a natural crease along the chest wall. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and recovery time is approximately one week.