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Fillers vs Fat vs Implant to Chin

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

A recessed chin is a very common issue for patients. It can affect the profile, the appearance of the nose, and the appearance of the neck. Simply, correcting the recessed chin can have a very beneficial effect on the overall appearance. It can sometimes make a larger nose appear smaller, a neck appear more youthful, and of course makes the chin look better. All of these combined to give a more pleasing appearance. The standard approach for correcting a recessed chin has always been a chin implant, which is a simple, safe, and highly effective option. However, now we have options that may be more simple and quite effective that don’t involve surgery, per se. The first is Voluma, which has recently been approved by the FDA for an injection into the skin. Voluma is a safe injectable filler we have been using for many years on other parts of the face. It lasts anywhere from 1-2 years and also happens to be reversible if a patient is not satisfied. Another injectable would be the patient’s own fat. This can be harvested easily through a small needle opening and fat then processed and injected through a small needle opening for a very nice result, using the patient’s own tissue. Fat provides a more permanent solution when compared to Voluma. Now we have many options for the recessed chin, which happens to be a very common concern among patients.