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A New You for Those Holiday To-Dos

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Holiday activities can take a lot out of you, so how do you look refreshed and party-ready through all the holiday hubbub? These days, a number of minimally-invasive procedures can add some extra sparkle to your look this season. Find out some of the options in our selected Weekly Dose of Beauty article:

Safety Is the Most Important Point When It Comes to Injectables

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

You see an ad online for injectables at a discount and you can’t believe your good luck. But are you really saving money in the long run? And do you get what you pay for? Find out why those supposedly great deals on injectables can cause you greater issues in the long run. Learn more in our Weekly Dose of Beauty article.

The Did-You-Knows About Botox

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

You may know Botox as the injectable that helps smooth frown lines. But in this Weekly Dose of Beauty, we have eight shiny nuggets of knowledge about the product that you might not be aware of. Check it out!

Say Goodbye to Stigma, As More Men Use Cosmetic Treatments

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Men who are thinking of getting cosmetic procedures may be pleased to know, they’re not alone in their interest. An increasing number of men are turning to aesthetic plastic surgery and less invasive cosmetic treatments to deal with a variety of anti-aging issues, skin conditions and other challenges. In this Weekly Dose of Beauty, find out what are today’s top five requested treatments for men:

Aesthetic Procedures Find Increasing Popularity Among Men

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

ManSmilingWhile some may view anti-aging as the major domain of female patients, men these days are embracing cosmetic procedures– including non-surgical ones– in record numbers. In this Weekly Dose of Beauty, find out what the popular procedures are for men are which are likely to gain traction for the future.

Is Biotulin Really “Organic Botox?” Get the Facts

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

photo_injectable_wrinkle_treatments (1)

Learn about Biotulin–sometimes referred to in the media as “organic Botox”– and find out what it does, whether it’s safe and just how much it is (or isn’t!) like actual Botox (Botulinum Toxin). It’s all in this week’s Weekly Dose of Beauty selected article.

Facial Rejuvenation and Choosing the Right Injectibles: Botox or Filler?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015


Botox or Filler: ever wonder which would be best for you? In our Weekly Dose of Beauty, learn more about what they are and discover which work best in what situations.

But remember, nothing can replace a professional consultation to determine which injectibles are best-suited to your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule yours!

New Video!- On Brow Lifts and Botox

Friday, October 15th, 2010

What is a brow lift and how has the procedure changed over the years? What alternatives are there for patients when plastic surgery isn’t an option? Dr. McCafferty discusses the benefits of brow lifts and alternate treatments such as Botox.

Freshen Your Look with Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

“Bad day?” “You look tired.” “Didn’t sleep well last night?”

Have you heard concerns like these from family, friends and even coworkers—yet you haven’t felt tired or irritable?

They might simply be reacting to the effect skin deflation can have on the face. As we age, the skin doesn’t just relax and sag—it loses volume. This can cause changes in the fullness of the cheeks and lips, it can deepen the folds around the mouth, and it can cause fine lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead. All of this can cause you to look tired or even angry.

But fillers and other injectables such as Botox® are non-surgical solutions that can help add volume back into the face, creating a happier, more rested appearance— ideal if you’re not quite ready to try cosmetic surgery.

Fillers— like the popular Restylane®, Perlane® and Juvederm® products—are injected into areas of the face that have experienced skin deflation. They plump up those areas, for a more youthful look. The results can be seen instantly, with no down-time, and can be reversed if a patient doesn’t feel comfortable with the effects. In our offices, we’ve never had to reverse a filler treatment, but patients enjoy added confidence knowing the option is available. Expect these results to last from six months to a year.

Botox®, on the other hand— the most common non-surgical procedure of 2008, with 2.4 million procedures done— works by relaxing the lines in the face rather than filling them in. Typically, it is injected between the eyebrows, the forehead and the “marionette folds” around the mouth. Used for many medical conditions, extensive research shows no adverse effects when applied in cosmetic procedures. Unlike fillers, Botox starts to work in a few days, with its peak effectiveness in approximately a week. Results typically last three to five months.

In addition to fillers and Botox, the offices of Dr. Leo McCafferty also offer a complete range of non-surgical and cosmetic surgery options, including Dysport®—which works similarly to Botox— fat injections, facial rejuvenation procedures and more.

To determine the right options for you, we will meet with you to understand your goals, perform a thorough evaluation, and suggest the non-surgical or surgical solution that will help you attain the best results.

Adult men and women of all ages are turning to injectable treatments and other non-surgical options to rejuvenate their look for work, special events and just to regain a fresher appearance.

Contact us today for a consultation. Gift certificates are available.