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Fillers vs Fat vs Implant to Chin

July 16th, 2020

A recessed chin is a very common issue for patients. It can affect the profile, the appearance of the nose, and the appearance of the neck. Simply, correcting the recessed chin can have a very beneficial effect on the overall appearance. It can sometimes make a larger nose appear smaller, a neck appear more youthful, and of course makes the chin look better. All of these combined to give a more pleasing appearance. The standard approach for correcting a recessed chin has always been a chin implant, which is a simple, safe, and highly effective option. However, now we have options that may be more simple and quite effective that don’t involve surgery, per se. The first is Voluma, which has recently been approved by the FDA for an injection into the skin. Voluma is a safe injectable filler we have been using for many years on other parts of the face. It lasts anywhere from 1-2 years and also happens to be reversible if a patient is not satisfied. Another injectable would be the patient’s own fat. This can be harvested easily through a small needle opening and fat then processed and injected through a small needle opening for a very nice result, using the patient’s own tissue. Fat provides a more permanent solution when compared to Voluma. Now we have many options for the recessed chin, which happens to be a very common concern among patients.

A Lesser-Known Plastic Surgery Procedure is Boosting Confidence and Changing Lives

January 2nd, 2019

Consumers today are exploring plastic surgery for all parts of the body, including some lesser-known procedures for the buttocks, the cheeks, and the ears. Yes, even ears are getting some work done. Find out why more and more clients are considering ear plastic surgery to enhance appearance and boost confidence.

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Men and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Keeping it Smart and Safe

December 12th, 2018

An increasing number of men are choosing cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help them look and feel their best. In this Weekly Dose of Beauty, find out the most important things men should look for when choosing a plastic surgeon, to make sure they get the best results from their procedures–and safely.

A New You for Those Holiday To-Dos

December 5th, 2018

Holiday activities can take a lot out of you, so how do you look refreshed and party-ready through all the holiday hubbub? These days, a number of minimally-invasive procedures can add some extra sparkle to your look this season. Find out some of the options in our selected Weekly Dose of Beauty article:

The Real Price of Medical Tourism

November 28th, 2018

Medical tourism– visiting a country in order to take advantage of lower cost surgery options. While this might seem like a smart choice for your wallet, it may not be the wisest move in some other, very important ways. This Weekly Dose of Beauty article discusses the dangers of medical tourism– not only to your health but to your legal rights as a patient traveling overseas. Find out why the price of your surgery may be more than you bargained for.

Spotlight on Skin Spots

November 19th, 2018

In a past post, we discussed seborrheic keratoses (SKs for short!), which are dark, raised overgrowths on the skin, and we mentioned how we’d be offering a new product called ESKATA to treat them. Well, we’re very pleased to announce that ESKATA is now officially available in our offices. And in this Weekly Dose of Beauty, you can read about the difference between the three main types of spots found on the skin– including SKs– and how a board-certified dermatologist can help you diagnose your spots. Perhaps ESKATA might even be the right treatment for you.

Finding the Balance with Facial Asymetry

November 15th, 2018

Feel like you’re looking different as you age but can’t quite pinpoint why? It could be due to subtle changes in facial asymmetry. In this Weekly Dose of Beauty, our article discusses how facial asymmetry increases over time, what’s affected most, and how it relates to facial rejuvenation.

Safety Is the Most Important Point When It Comes to Injectables

November 8th, 2018

You see an ad online for injectables at a discount and you can’t believe your good luck. But are you really saving money in the long run? And do you get what you pay for? Find out why those supposedly great deals on injectables can cause you greater issues in the long run. Learn more in our Weekly Dose of Beauty article.

Powerful Potions to Treat the Horrors of Halloween Skin

October 18th, 2018

Yes, we all love those Halloween parties– so many spooky, delicious cocktails to enjoy. But while the mystery and magic of mixed drinks may lure you like Doctor Jekyll, your puffy, dehydrated skin may make you want to run and Hyde by morning.

Don’t despair! This year, you can transform post-revelry fright into delight with the serums and solutions highlighted in this Weekly Dose of Beauty.

Breast Cancer Awareness: How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

October 11th, 2018

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? And so, to help our readers be more proactive in their breast health, for this selected Weekly Dose of Beauty article, we’re featuring Breastcancer.org information on how to do a proper breast self-exam. Please take a moment and check it out. Breast self-exams can help save lives.