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Men and Plastic Surgery: Confidence, Compliance and Couples Support

Recent statistics have shown a substantial increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery, and we see this trend in our practice, too. So you might be wondering, why is plastic surgery suddenly so popular among men?

Cosmetic surgery has become more common for both men and women due to the safety, effectiveness, and the reduced downtime of today’s procedures. With so many women  these days choosing to have procedures, at-home discussions of the topic often lead the male in the couple to address the cosmetic issues that concern him, as well.

There’s no question, the workforce is getting older and more people expect to push back their retirement plans. As a result, cosmetic procedures have become an effective solution for executives who want to retain a fresher and more youthful image.

Typically these men say they still feel energetic, but they want to look as vital as they feel. So some choose fillers to help plump up the areas where facial deflation may have occurred. Some undergo eyelift procedures to remove the excess upper eyelid skin that can cause a tired look. Some may want to address the bags underneath the eyes, which can also cause a person to look tired. And some men seek help in the neck and jowl area, choosing a lower face or neck lift. Every procedure is tailored toward the specific needs of the patient.

Younger men tend to come into our practice with different concerns. These are usually healthy males in good shape, but who have trouble points in the body they would like to correct. For instance, some have love handles or lower abdomens that don’t respond to diet and exercise; for them liposuction may be the right choice. Another man might choose rhinoplasty or chin augmentation to add greater balance to the face.

Male patients offer a separate set of considerations from our female patients. For facial rejuvenation procedures, we must take into account where the man’s beard lies, where his sideburns are, and ask ourselves: what is the pattern of his hair?

Male patients also tend to do a lot of research before they come to us. They know what they want, so it becomes our job to slow them down, discuss their needs, go over the risks and benefits in detail, and point them in the direction that truly suits them.

And for those couples that do exercise together, travel together, and even choose cosmetic surgery as part of their individual self-improvement, there is a benefit to all this togetherness. The shared research, compared notes, and overall experience help make each personal consultation and individual examination that much more of a success.

Are you or your partner considering cosmetic surgery? Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

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