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Say Goodbye to Those Summer Sunspots!

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

What are sunspots? What causes them? How do you prevent them? And if you already have them, must you simply live with them or are there effective ways to free yourself of them? Find out in this hand-picked Weekly Dose of Beauty article!

  • 5 Ways to Get Rid of Those Pesky Sunspots on Your Chest: https://www.newbeauty.com/slideshow/2661-5-ways-to-get-rid-of-those-pesky-sunspots-on-your-chest/1/

Let’s Get This Off Our Chests: Décolleté Discoloration

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Do sunspots and other hyperpigmentation along the neck, collar bone and upper chest prevent you from wearing those spring and summer styles? There are a number of treatments we offer to help you discover clearer, younger-looking skin in this sensitive area. And– wouldn’t you know it?– all of them happen to be detailed in this Weekly Dose of Beauty article:

  • How To Get a Spot Free Décolleté: https://www.newbeauty.com/hottopic/blogpost/10706-anti-aging-tips-for-your-chest/

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Spot-on Treatments for Summer Hyperpigmentation

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
hyperpigmentationphotoFall has arrived and for most of us, that means a return to our regular schedules, far from the leisure of summer vacations, sun-filled weekends outdoors and barbecues in the backyard. But what if all of that time outdoors has led to some skin damage and hyperpigmentation or sun spots? No problem. Now is the perfect time to start planning for a healthier, more even skintone.
According to the September 2012 edition of Elle magazine, while Americans are already very devoted to moisturizers and collagen-boosting serums, our demand for brown spot lightening is steadily on the rise. Part of this growing interest may be the result of 2006 study indicating hyperpigmentation can impact a woman’s perceived age by up to twenty years.
According to Dr. McCafferty, some brown spots can be faded with at-home treatment, while others require a visit to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Prescription hydroquinone 4% cream is considered the gold standard for skin lightening and is available in our office. Intense Pulse Light Laser treatments, another treatment we provide, can also be effective to fade hyperpigmented areas.
Of course, the number one weapon in the battle for even-toned and spot-free skin is daily sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) with reapplication every two hours.
To learn more about how you can enjoy clearer, more even skin, contact us today for your personal consultation.