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Neck Lifts, Chin Implants and the Impact of Social Media

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Social media helps us keep in touch, gain information and enjoy an outlet for self-expression. But did you know it also seems to affect how we feel about and physically view ourselves?

In our practice, we’ve noticed more patients are requesting improvements to their profile–whether it’s their nose, chin or neck. And some of this interest appears to stem from the increasing popularity of social media venues like Facebook.

On social media, we’re seeing ourselves from all new angles. Cell phone cameras and Facebook posts picture us at events, in casual settings–and not always from the same head-on view as we typically see ourselves in the mirror. Most of the time, people see us at a partial profile, and today’s social media photos reflect that. These shots make their way through cyberspace in the blink of an eye, but the results can sometimes be very enlightening and surprising to the photo’s subjects.

“Do I really look like that? Is that me?” we may wonder.

So with people more aware of their profile and how it affects their overall look, neck lifts and chin implants are a popular solution to a more balanced face. With a personalized consultation and the right procedure plan, you can improve your profile and even help change how you feel about yourself—on- and offline.

A neck lift is one way, but while a neck lift can be performed as isolated procedure, that may not be right for everyone. There are many complex factors that contribute to a lack of balance in a profile. Sometimes it’s not just the shape of the neck but it’s a weak chin. For example, if a chin is recessed or weak, it can make the neck look more obtuse. For someone who has a loose or fatty area around the neck, that can make even an average chin look weak.

That’s why we analyze the face and educate the patient on the specific causes behind the areas that are troubling them.

We can address just the neck and adjust its angle by resculpting  using liposuction or resculpting through one small incision. If the chin is recessed, the chin can be improved at the same time through the same incision, with a small and subtle chin implant. This is a simple and very safe way to improve the overall balance of the face without an “operated upon look.”.

Most neck lift and chin augmentation procedures are done in under an hour, in a with local anesthesia and light sedation. Recovery is also quite quick. Patients can expect a little bruising  below the neckline which can easily be covered with clothing or makeup. There will be almost no bruising on the chin or upper neck. Patients can get back into their routine and the public eye after a few days to a week.

To schedule your private consultation to see how we can help you improve your profile, contact us at: (412) 687-2100.

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The Finer Points of Chin Augmentation

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Cosmetic surgery of the face is always a balancing act, where careful attention must be paid to how one area of the face affects the visual balance of another, in order to achieve a natural look. That balance can be especially noticeable in the profile.

The chin, the nose, and even the neck are visually interrelated in some interesting ways. A weak chin can make a nose look bigger than it is, while a more prominent nose can make a chin look weaker. A thick, ill-defined or “obtuse” neck—often called a “double chin”—can also make a chin appear less strong.

This is why when a patient approaches us with concerns about their nose, chin or neck, we perform a full evaluation of the profile to ensure the patient’s needs will be fully addressed by the ultimate solution.

In about 20% of rhinoplasties—that is, patients who choose to have their nose reduced or reshaped—these patients will also need a slight chin enlargement. And likewise, a percentage of patients with an ill-defined neck will also benefit from a chin augmentation procedure.

Now, when we say “chin augmentation,” we don’t mean a dramatic enlargement of the chin. Chin augmentation, when done properly, is a safe, subtle procedure designed to bring the chin out just so the profile is proportional.

How Chin Augmentation is Done
There are two ways a chin augmentation can be done, and both involve adding a small, FDA-approved silastic implant. This implant can be placed through a small incision made in the natural crease under the chin, where a large number of people have scars already from falling as a child. The implant can also be placed through a small opening made within the mouth just behind the lower lip.

No matter which technique is used, the whole procedure is quite simple—taking 15 to 20 minutes—and recovery is swift, with minimal bruising and minimal downtime. If the chin implant is placed through the mouth, a few small stitches are used, and these dissolve over four or five days. If the chin implant is placed through the crease under the chin, the stitches used there are removed approximately five days after the procedure.

We caution patients to avoid contact sports and other physical activities for the first three weeks that might result in a fall. But after three weeks, the procedure is typically fully-healed and the patient views the implant like their very own chin.

If a patient doesn’t care for the effect the chin implant offers, chin augmentation is reversible. Most patients, however, are very satisfied with the look. And unlike some other procedures, chin augmentation doesn’t have to be redone every ten, fifteen or twenty years. Many patients easily go a lifetime with their chin implant intact.

We like to follow-up with patients in six weeks, six months and then a year after the procedure, to ensure everything is still going well. These follow-ups are free of charge and an important part of our patient care routine.

But when it comes to chin augmentation, the point of every procedure is facial balance, harmony, and a more confident you–from every angle.

Do you think chin augmentation might be right for you? Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

New Video!- Finding Facial Balance with Chin Augmentation

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

In this new video, Dr. McCafferty explains 
how chin augmentation can offer balance to a patient’s face, all while remaining subtle.